Saturday, July 16, 2011


In Hindu Dharma, marriage is viewed Hindu Marriage is a life-long Commitment of one wife and one Husband, an is the strongest social bond that takes place between a Man and a woman. Grahastha Ashram ( the house holder stage), The second of the four stages of life begins
When a man and a woman marry and start A household.

Indian Hindu Marriage System

Through there may be variations in the sequence of the performance of the different parts and through they are called by different names in the respective colloquials, the Vedic marriage consists of –

1. NANDI – getting started.
2. NISCHITARTHA – confirming the alliance
3. ANKURARPANA – creation of the alliance by lighting the yagna fire.
4. LAJA HOMA – yagna
5. SNATHAKAM – graduation ceremony
6. UPANAYANAM – thread marriage
7. KASI YATRA – the indecisive journey of the groom to Kasi for the sanyasa, & bringing him back to the house by the parents of the bride for the marriage.
8. KANYA DANAM – offering of the daughter for the marriage
9. PANI GRAHANAM , SAPTHA PADHI , MANGALSUTRA DHARANA OR VEEKSHANAM – the seeing of each other , touching of each other & walking together & tying the knot of the marriage
10. TALAMBRALU – other performances acquaintance of each other
11. ARUNDHATI DARSHANAM – showing of the Arundhati star
12. GRIHAPRAVESHAM – taking the bride to the in-laws house
13. APPAGINTHALU – handing over the daughter to the groom
14. DHRUVA DARSHANAM – showing the Dhruva star
15. SOBHANAMU – nuptials
16. GARBHADANAM – the act of creation of the foetus.