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Different Types Of Hindu Marriage – According To Manusmriti

•MANUSMRITI – There are eight types of marriage described in the ancient Hindu text of Manusmriti (Laws of Manu) or “Manava Dharma Shastra”.

•1. Brahma Vivaha – In Brahma marriage once the boy completes his student hood. He is eligible to get married. Where the father of the bride invites a man learned in the vedas & a good conduct. This is now a Brahma marriage was arranged. According to the Dharmashastras “Brahma Vivaha” is the best marriage among all.

•2. Daiva Vivaha – Where the daughter is groomed with ornaments & given to a priest who duly officiates at a sacrifice during the course of its performance of this rite.

3. Arsha Vivaha – In this type of marriage the bride presents a cow & pair of bull to the guardian of girl. According to Shastras this kind of marriages were not considered noble.

4. Prajapatya Vivaha – In this type of marriage, the bride’s father goes in search for a groom for his daughter. The protection of the bride is handed over by the Panigrahan ceremony.

5. Asura Vivaha – In the Asura type of marriage the groom is not at all suitable for the bride. In no way he is match for the girls, but the bridegroom willingly gives as much wealth as he can efford to the bride’s parent’s & relatives.

6. Gandharva Vivaha – When a man & a woman marry with each other consent but may not have the consent of their family, then this wedding is called Gandharva Vivaha or ‘Love marriage’.

7. Rakshasa Vivaha – If a bride taken by force & then persuades her to marry this is called Rakshasa Vivaha. This is not considered as the right kind of marriage.

8. Paishacha Vivaha – In this type of marriage the girl’s wish is not considered whether she wants to marry. Man would marry a woman while she was asleep, intoxicated or insane. This kind of marriage was later prohibited. It is considered as the most inferior type of marriage.

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