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Marwadi wedding rituals are very intricate. Let’s get started with the detailing.

On the day of marriage, when the groom arrives and the ceremony of Var mala has taken place, the bride joins him at the Mandap and the cloth which is tied around the waist of the groom is knot with the chunni of the bride. This is done either by the groom’s sister or the priest.

The groom holds the hand of the bride.

Phera ceremony
Only four pheras are taken in the Mandap in a marwadi marriage.
Rests of three pheras are completed at the entrance. These fours pheras observe the bride to be in front for the first two pheras and the groom takes lead in the nest two pheras.

An interesting ceremony in which the bride steps out her foot and places it over a grinding stone. This epitomizes that she will face all the challenges in marriage with courage.
Next, her brother’s place puffed rice on her hand which she places on the groom’s hand. This kheel is then offered into the holy fire of the Havan kund.

Vamang sthapan
A romantic ritual in which the groom asks the bride to take seat at his left side since his heart is at the left side. This ceremony clearly signifies that the groom has accepted her lovingly.

Sindoor Daan.
The groom fills in Sindoor in the hair partition of the bride. By this she is declared married.

They together take seven steps to believe that though they have always walked alone till now but from today they will walk together.

Later the ceremony of Sargunthi is done which is nothing but caressing the hair of the bride by groom’s sister. This signifies the welcome of the bride in the groom’s family.

It is one of the fascination marwadiwedding rituals. After the wedding the groom is escorted by women relatives of the bride and the he is supposed to recite poetry.
Next, the bride touches the entrance of her paternal house seeking blessings and breaks an earthen lamp.
They both are then escorted to leave.

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