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Like all the other colorful festivals of India, Weddings make an important part of the Indian Culture. Every Indian Wedding is filled with colors of lights, fireworks, songs, dances and Indian Tatoo. Most of the preparations of Indian Weddings begins months ago of the Wedding. Each and every aspect of the Wedding is filled with fun glamour, pomp and show. Indian Weddings are nothing less than any other festival. When it comes to weddings, its time for the thrill !
About Punjab/ PunjabisKnown as the land of rivers, punjab is located just near the heart of India. Standing side by side to the Capital of India - Delhi, its a place filled with grasslands, farmers and simple yet full of life people. The beauty of Punjab lies in its people and their colorful culture. The local language of Pujabis is Gurumukhi, though Punjabis are quite conversant in English and Hindi.Punjab is famous for its fields. Being in Punjab means being in the fields.

Customs of Punjabi Wedding :
All the Punjabi Weddings have some common pre and on marriage ceremonies :

Pre - Marriage Ceremonies :

Rokka : In this one the boy and girl commit to marry each other. Once Roka is done, the boy and the girl cannot marry anyone else.

Mangni : Mangni means Engagement - In this the Bridegroom to be goes with his family to the Brides. Here the rings are exchanged. This ceremony marks the generalized approval of Marriage from both sides.

Chunri Chadan : In this the Bridegroom goes to the Brides home with a Thaal of Shagun. Here the red colored chunri/silken robe is put on the head of the bride and the Jwellery to be worn by the bride on the Wedding Day is given.

Sangeet : A day before the marriage, the marriage songs are sung, dances are done and sweets are distributed among the relatives and well wishers.

Mehandi : On the day of the Sangeet itself, the Mehandi or Indian Tatoo are drawn on the hands and feet of the Bride. This occasion is one of the most important part of Indian Wedding.

Marriage Ceremonies :

Chuda Ceremony : On the day of the Marriage, in the morning hours, a Chuda (Bangles - Indian Jwellery), is given by the brides to be In - Laws. After Puja/ Prayers done in front of the God, the bride wears the Chuda and then seeks blessings of the God and her elders.

Sehrabandi & Ghodi Chadna : Evening is the time when the Barat from the Grooms side sets off to the Brides home. For this the Groom rides on the Ghodi ( She - Horse). Songs are sung and the Grooms family dances as they cover the area till they reach the Brides home.

Milni Ceremony : As soon as the Grooms side reaches the Bides Home, MILNI is performed. The Grooms family is received by the Brides family. Rose Petals are sprinkled and perfume is sprayed on them. First the Elders are invited, then the turn of the youngsters come.

Varmala and Phera Ceremony : After the Barat reaches the brides home and they are welcomed then the Groom is taken to the stage. Then the Garlands are exchanged in between the Bride and the Groom. This is called as Varmala Ceremony. After the Varmala Ceremony, the bride and the groom are led to the mandap. Here they sit in front of the God Fire. Pheres ( rounds taken in front of a small pyre while chantings is done) are taken and then the blessings. The pheres solmenize the Punjabi Wedding.


  1. Mangni means Engagement - In this the Bridegroom to be goes with his family to the Brides. Here the rings are exchanged. This ceremony marks the generalized approval of Marriage from both sides. father daughter dance songs

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